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In a Nutshell

Our mission is to preserve and enhance a century of family tradition providing the public with opportunities for memorable outdoor experiences on beautiful Lake Henry. We're nestled in the quiet hills of the Pocono Mountains, where we began as a humble boat livery in the early 1900's and gradually expanded to include camping and rentals. Today, we are a highly creative endeavor through which we paint experiences based on the tranquil countryside and the unique people who've composed around us.

Our little piece of the earth is a place to feed the body, mind, and spirit with our community of family and friends in a beautiful lakeside setting. The area we are in has a rich history. Native American Algonquian tribes known as Delawares, or Lenni Lenapes, roamed these hills centuries ago. In the last century, coal mines sustained an economy comprised mostly of immigrants from European countries. You can read more about Wayne County's history here. Although Wayne County is not considered part of the Anthracite coal region of Northeastern PA, the need to transport coal to New York City gave birth to the Delaware and Hudson Canal, the American Railroad and the Borough of Honesdale, the County seat of Wayne County. The Swoyer family itself ties back to the region's coal mines. David Sr., and his brothers all worked in the mines, and the Swoyer family owned a mine in nearby Lackawanna County. Farming, ice harvesting, lumbering, tanneries, children’s summer camps and boarding homes all contributed to the early Wayne County economy. Today, farming, lumbering and tourism continue to play an important part in employing the inhabitants of Wayne County.

Here at Clayton Park, we eagerly anticipate the distinct contributions from each and every one of our visitors. We operate with a small team of dedicated staff who are committed to fulfilling our family's mission and vision. Together, we labor in love to provide our visitors with a safe, restful, and regenerative camping experience. We provide weekend activities which will serve to enhance our campers' experiences, but which should never overshadow the essence of camping in the Pocono Mountains on one of its most beautiful lakes.

Each campground is as different as its owners, and visitors have a plethora of wonderful choices. Do your homework — look around at what's out there and select the campground that best fits your lifestyle and your needs. Our website serves as a tool in making that choice. Give us a call or stop by if you'd like more information. We're happy to talk about sharing our backyard with you.

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