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"If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles."—Doug Larson

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Lake Henry is home to various varieties of fish including:


Large Mouth Bass

Small Mouth Bass








A fishing license is required and can be purchased online in our store and printed for immediate use. You can also plan ahead and purchase a license at any Walmart, or at Hunter's Gallery in Hamlin, less than 10 minutes away.

All bass fishing is catch and release, All anglers need to learn more about safe handling of fish. Read more about it at the PFBC's website.

You will need to know size and creed limits, which you can get with a quick visit to the PFBC's website. Anglers must heed our expectations for catch and release of all bass, and learn the laws about seasons for various fish species before making any harvest. We normally have pocket guides available for this information, but PFBC has stopped printing them since Covid. PFBC officers patrol our waters to enforce all fishing and boating laws.


We sell nightcrawlers and a limited supply of fishing equipment in our camp store.


Those who wish to fish can bring their own boat or rent a boat. We no longer offer shore fishing to the public. Those who stay with us can fish from approved shoreline areas, or use our common docks.


Caution: Fishing Lake Henry is a privilege, not a right in itself. All persons using the lake are expected to act with consideration of others first and foremost. Clayton Park fisher-persons must use our protocol for fishing docks - no one should cast a rod within 50 feet of a dock, and not within 100 feet of an occupied dock. Anyone reported to be violating this protocol is subject to losing the privilege of fishing Lake Henry. 


Please make yourself familiar with the

Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission's rules and regulations

prior to your visit.


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