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Sharing our Backyard

When you choose to reserve a site with us, you are receiving an exclusive invitation to share our back yard. When you extend that invitation to additional people, please consider our wishes and do so according to this policy. We'd give you the same consideration if we were visiting you.


Yes Virginia, there is a limit to the number of persons who can be on an RV site, or in a rental at any one time. Should you need to accommodate a larger gathering (more than 6 adults) for purposes of a reunion or party, etc., you must contact the office.

Your Rental

A rental reservation is for 2 adulsts and 2 children. Similar to an RV site, additional adults are $8 per night. A reservation is limited to 4 overnight guests at any one time. Including your visitors, you may have a maximum of 6 persons on a rental site at any given time during your stay. This means that if you register the maximum of 4 persons to stay overnight, you may bring up to 2 additional guests out for day visits. Should you wish to have a larger gathering, please make arrangements for the use of one of our common areas.

Your RV Campsite

A standard camping reservation includes two adults (age 18 & up) and two children. At any time prior to the start of your stay, you can choose to add additional persons to be part of your stay. This means that during your stay, if your registration included 2 adults, you may invite up to 4 guests at a time to visit your site. Similarly, if your registration included 2 adults and 2 children, you may invite up to 2 guests at a time to visit your site. Should you wish to have a larger gathering, you must contact the office and make arrangements beforehand.

When You Invite a Guest to Your Site

You are responsible for the behavior of your guests. Should you invite someone to your site, it is your responsibility to let them know they need to register at the office prior to visiting your site and provide their license plate number. It is your responsibility to ensure your guests clearly display a visitor pass on their windshield. It is your responsibility to be on site with your guests and ensure they abide by our rules and policies. And, it is your responsibility to prevent exceeding the maximum number of persons allowed on your site.

Guest Fees

A standard camping reservation includes up to 4 persons (2 adults and 2 children under 18). Additional fees apply for reservations which include additional persons, and for guests visiting sites.  All day guests age 5 and up (those who are not part of your reservation) are subject to additional fees. Day guests age 5 to 17 are $4 per person, per day. Day guests age 18 & up are $5 per person, per day. Overnight guests age 5 to 17 are $7 per person, per night. Overnight guests age 18 & up are $10 per person, per night. Though we do not currently charge for guests under the age of 5, these guests must still be registered for safety/security purposes.

Pre-Registration of Guests

We strongly encourage you to pre-register your guests prior to their visit. That way, you can avoid your guests paying any fees, and we can have a parking pass waiting for them when they come to the gate to register.

Violations of Our Guest Policy

You may not bring guests into the park by swiping your access card and bypassing the gate and registration process. You may not use your vehicle to bring an unregistered guest to your campsite. Violations of our guest policy, or any other rule or policy are taken seriously and may result in immediate expulsion from the park with no refund of monies. We'd be respectful of your rules in your back yard; please be respectful of ours.