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"Wine is the only artwork you can drink."—Luis Fernando Oliverri

Clayton Park Recreational Area Management allows the consumption of alcoholic beverages.  As is the case with all behaviors, we expect responsible conduct from everyone.  Under Clayton Park's determination of excessive drinking and/or unreasonable behavior, campers and their guests may be expelled from park property with no refund of monies paid. 


Clayton Park's Determination of Excessive Drinking includes but is not limited to the following:


  • Drinking and driving/boating

  • Any disturbance to neighboring campsites whatsoever.

  • Any disturbance/disruption to Clayton Park or its owners.

  • Associated behaviors including but not limited to belligerence, stumbling, loud voices, loud music, or wandering through campsites with open alcoholic beverages

  • Any disturbance to quiet hour, from 10pm to 8am


We are promoting a family atmosphere which you are a part of.  Campers and guests may not carry any apparent alcoholic beverages off their campsites.   We expect alcoholic beverages be kept out of the reach of children and remind adults to be good role models for the children in our park.


Clayton Park asks that campers report promptly to management any infractions, including drunken behavior. You are our eyes and ears.  


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