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"The echoes of beauty you've seen transpire, resound through dying coals of a campfire."—Ernest Hemmingway

We all love to sit around a warm campfire on a cool summer night and we know how much this experience adds to the overall pleasures of camping. Yes, we sell firewood, and we'll be happy to deliver it to your site.


As a campground providing this enjoyment, we have an important responsibility to protect and preserve our environment and minimize risk of injury. We must do our part to prevent the spread of invasive insects, such as the gypsy moth and Asian Long Horn Beetle.  Therefore, we have instituted the following policy on the use of firewood in our campground.


  • Campers may not bring their own firewood into our campground.

  • Campers may purchase locally bundled firewood at our campground.

  • Seasonal campers must obtain firewood loads from a non-infected source, locally obtained and approved by management.

  • Campers may collect kindling from the wooded areas of the park, but may not use a chainsaw or an axe without express written permission from Clayton Park.


PA Firewood Quarantine - You can read more about the emerald ash borer and review the quarantine at Penn State's website:  (for 2011, the state quarantine was lifted and a Federal quarantine is in place)

Seasonal Campers only, may purchase larger orders of wood from these approved suppliers:

Edwards Logging: (570) 499-0183

Chapman Family Enterprises: (570) 780-5008

Sexton's Logging: (570) 497-9369




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