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"You don't need to know the whole alphabet of safety. The abc of it will save you if you follow it. Always Be Careful."—Colorado School of Mines


In the event of an emergency, we will activate our emergency plan.  Campers should also have an emergency plan. Flags will be posted at the entrance of the park accordingly:



Active Emergency/Evacuation:  Entrance to the park and lake is prohibited and a mandatory evacuation is required by a Federal, State or local authority.  Stay current with local news and emergency radio services.



Active Emergency/Shelter in Place:  Entrance to the park and lake is prohibited and parts of the park may be off limits.  No swimming or boating allowed.  This type of emergency requires a shelter in place.  The bath house is a cinderblock building and can be accessed at any time, and the basement store/office area are also available for additional shelter. 



Normal operations.  Campers may enter at their own risk, exercise normal caution, and monitor weather conditions at all times.   


Everyone should have an emergency plan, practice it, and keep it in their RV/vehicle.  Campers do not have permission to ride out events like hurricanes in their RVs if there is ample time to prepare. Campers are expected to prepare their RVs and sites for such events.  Keep in mind that whenever campers leave thier site, severe weather events can develop in their absence - prepare accordingly:


  • Put away items which could become projectiles in the wind, such as trash cans, flags, watering cans, etc.

  • Put down your awning.

  • Close your windows and roof vents.

  • Cover your boat or take it out of the water.

  • Turn off your water.


Visit for more information about how to plan for an emergency.  You can also use your cell phone to receive emergency notifications by visiting  


Unpredicted weather events and other emergencies:

In the event severe weather or other events happen without warning, Campers are asked to remain calm, and to seek shelter in place. Remember that if you hear thunder, you can be struck by lightning - if you are boating, get off the lake. Stay tuned to local news and weather for updates.


Assessing damages:

During any active emergency, Campers must consider area roads, downed trees, flash flooding, and power outages occurring and are therefore prohibited from coming out to the park to assess damages until management determines it is safe to enter the park again.  Clayton Park management asks that Campers refrain from calling about damages, as we will do our best to keep campers informed of any damages as they occur.


We are located in a rural wooded area. Therefore, Campers should exercise caution and protect themselves against ticks. Ticks carry Lyme Disease and are often found in wooded areas. Learn more about ticks and Lyme Disease on CDC's website.


Poison ivy can cause severe allergic reactions in some people. Learn more about the "leaves of three" at Web MD.

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