Additional Rules Available in the CampersAPP

  1. PET POLICY: Yes, we have a pet policy. Please be sure you read and understand our expectations and breed restrictions and submit your pet registration and proof of vaccinations.

  2. CAMPER VEHICLE PERMITS: Upon submission of the required registration form, CLAYTON PARK will issue up to two (2) parking permits for camper vehicles. CAMPERS owning more than two vehicles must obtain additional parking permits. CAMPERS are allowed to park no more than two vehicles at their Designated Site at any given time. Additional vehicles may be parked in one of our public parking areas. CAMPERS without required registration and parking permit are subject to fines and/or loss of access privileges with forfeiture of all monies paid.

  3. VEHICLE OPERATIONS: CAMPERS and guests shall obey all speed limit signs in the park and must not speed or otherwise exhibit any type of reckless and/or unlawful driving behavior. Loud motorcycles or vehicles cannot be brought in or out of the park during the hours of dusk and 10:00 am. Loud motorcycles may be driven to your Designated Site but may not be driven around the park. Drivers are prohibited from carrying children on the back of motorcycles. CAMPERS may not carry passengers in the bed of a pickup truck.

  4. OTHER VEHICLES: ATVs, motor scooters, mini bikes, go-carts, and golf carts are generally not permitted. CAMPERs require written consent from CLAYTON PARK.

  5. BATTERY OPERATED CARS: Battery operated cars are prohibited.

  6. BICYCLES: CAMPERS must abide by PA helmet laws and ensure kids 12 and under wear a helmet when biking.

  7. WATERCRAFT: CAMPERS are required to register all watercraft, including kayaks and peddleboats. CAMPERS may not register a boat they do not own. All boats must be properly registered according to state requirements. CAMPERS must use the designated boat launch ramp in front of the store, and may not store trailered boats on the Designated Site. Boat storage areas are available near the store and at the base of Blueberry Hill. CAMPERs must mark their boat trailers with their last name and site number.

  8. EMERGENCY CONTACT: CAMPERS are required to submit an emergency contact form which includes names and numbers for contacts in the event of an emergency. It is the CAMPER'S responsibility to ensure this information is up to date. CAMPERS are also encouraged to submit to CLAYTON PARK an extra key with name tag and site number attached. In the event of an emergency, dial 911 and refer help to Clayton Park Recreational Area, 26 Eagle Eye Drive, Lake Ariel, PA located on Lake Henry in Wayne County.

  9. SUPERVISION OF CHILDREN: CAMPERS or an approved legal guardian must provide adequate supervision and care of their children and their guests’ children at all times. No parent/guardian shall leave a child unattended anywhere in the park at any time. In particular, parents must ensure they accompany their children in the boat launch area and other high traffic areas.

  10. CAMPER CONDUCT: CLAYTON PARK wishes to promote a family oriented atmosphere for everyone to enjoy and therefore expects CAMPERS and their guests to act responsibly. CLAYTON PARK will not tolerate behavior it deems as unacceptable, including but not limited to drunken disorderly conduct, vulgar language, and fist fighting. We expect our CAMPERS to be considerate of their neighbors and their property at all times. CLAYTON PARK will determine the severity of any violation and will not hesitate to seek the assistance of outside authorities for actions of a criminal nature. CLAYTON PARK expects its CAMPERS and guests who drink to drink responsibly and reminds everyone to abide by applicable State laws for drinking and driving and/or drinking and boating. Violations in conduct are taken seriously and may result in fines and/or immediate and permanent expulsion from park property and forfeiture of all monies paid.

  11. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE CONTAINERS: CAMPERS MAY NOT CARRY CANS OR BOTTLES OF ALCOHOL BEYOND THEIR CAMPSITE WITHOUT A "COOZIE" OR OTHER COVER. CAMPERS wishing to accumulate aluminum cans may do so with the following restrictions: Cans may be stored in a maximum of one lidded trash can only. All other receptacles are unacceptable and a violation of park rules.

  12. PEACEFUL ENJOYMENT OF OTHERS: CLAYTON PARK observes and protects the rights of our CAMPERS to enjoy their camping experience. CAMPERS shall conduct themselves, and require their guest(s) on the premises likewise to conduct themselves, in a  manner which CLAYTON PARK deems does not interfere with the peaceful and quiet enjoyment of the neighboring premises.  CAMPERS are reminded to report difficulties to CLAYTON PARK accordingly.

  13. MUSIC/TV: CLAYTON PARK asks those using tv's and radios to gauge your volume by whether or not you can hear it at the next campsite. If you are hearing it at other campsites, then your music is too loud. Yes, we understand it is probably great music, but your neighbors may not share the same opinion.

  14. QUIET HOUR: CLAYTON PARK asks CAMPERS to abide by our official quiet hour beginning 10 p.m weekdays and 11 p.m. weekends, and ending at 8 a.m. All day guests are required to leave by 10pm or be registered for an overnight stay. Any behavior determined a violation of quiet hour by CLAYTON PARK may result in fines and/or immediate and permanent expulsion from park property.

  15. FIREARMS: The use of firearms or weapons, including slingshots or air powered guns of any kind is prohibited. CAMPERS with a valid  permit, which authorizes them to carry in Pennsylvania, may possess a firearm in the park. However, it must be concealed at all times. Violations may result in permanent expulsion from the park, and CAMPERS are responsible for any criminal charges resulting from prohibited use.

  16. FIREWORKS: For the protection and safety of our CAMPERS, guests and property, we prohibit the use of any and all airborne fireworks, and all fireworks which are not consumer grade. CAMPERS must exercise due caution when using consumer fireworks. and assume sole and full responsibility for any resulting damages to life and property.

  17. CAMPFIRES: Campfires shall not be left unattended and must be completely out prior to leaving the park. CAMPERS must abide by all burn bans in force. CAMPERS MAY NOT BURN GARBAGE IN FIREPLACES and cannot dispose of cans, bottles, etc. in fire places. CAMPERS shall not burn pressure treated or painted wood, or items with nails or other hardware in fireplaces. Fines and or costs assessed for burn ban violations will be CAMPERS’ responsibility.

  18. FIREPLACES: CAMPERS are provided with a campfire ring, but CAMPERS who wish to construct a fireplace as a permanent part of the designated site must do so using firebricks and construct it to a height of at least 8 (eight) inches to contain the fire. Cinderblocks can then be used for outside reinforcement if desired. CAMPERS must obtain permission for placement of the site.

  19. FIREWOOD: CAMPERS understand bringing wood in to our park brings the risk of unwanted insects such as the emerald  ash borer, now being found in many Pennsylvania counties. CAMPERS are strictly prohibited from bringing in firewood grown outside of Lackawanna and Wayne counties in Pennsylvania. CAMPERS should be prepared to provide proof of  origin of their firewood if requested by CLAYTON PARK management. (DCNR guidelines state CAMPERS should burn all firewood as soon as possible) Campers may purchase their wood from Clayton Park or a Clayton Park approved outside source.

  20. DISMANTLED FIREPLACES: CLAYTON PARK will not pick up and dispose of dismantled fireplaces from campsites. CAMPERS who bring materials in to the park and build their own fireplace are responsible for removal of same. CAMPERS are strictly prohibited from disposing of fireplace debris, including ashes in the woods or in the lake.

  21. BATTERY & GAS STORAGE: CAMPERS shall not store batteries and/or gas containers (5 gallon maximum) on the open ground and must have a collection tray to prevent leakage in the event of a spill. Trays should be covered or kept in a dry area in order to prevent rainwater from accumulating. Gas cans cannot be stored near fireplaces, propane sources, or other possible fire hazards.

  22. PROPANE TANKS: CAMPERS must ensure all propane tanks are stored off ground on suitable surfaces. No propane tanks on site shall have evident rust. CAMPERS must move tanks with rust to a suitable site of acceptance off park property. New management no longer allows CAMPERS to bring in their own 100 pound or 100 gallon tanks.

    1. CAMPERS must ensure tanks are mounted on blocks, preferably cement. CLAYTON PARK requires hard lines for RV's requiring a continual propane supply.

    2. If you have a single stage regulator, CLAYTON PARK requires CAMPERS install a two stage regulator when upgrading.

    3. Unless obtained through CLAYTON PARK, Camper is responsible for notifying CLAYTON PARK in writing of tank exchanges and proper qualification. 100 pound tanks must be requalified every 5 years.

    4. Propane tanks are numbered and CAMPERS are prohibited from moving 100 pounds to another designated site. 100 pound tanks are preferred and 100 gallon tanks are not recommended.

  23. GUESTS: Registration of guests is important to your security. CAMPERS must ensure all guests to the Designated Site are registered with the office, whether or not guests have a vehicle. All day guests must leave the park no later than 10 pm and no guests may register and enter the park between the hours of 9pm and 8am. Violations will result in billing for overnight fees without notice in addition to any fines which may be warranted. Lost or stolen parking permits may be replaced at a cost of $5.00.

    1. In order to keep roads clear, allow grass mowing, and provide for the safety of our CAMPERS, guests and property, we ask that all guests to the Designated Site park in one of our designated public parking areas.

    2. All guests wishing to pitch a tent temporarily on the Designated Site must request permission to do so. CAMPER may register the tent site under their account, or register their guest separately. Tents are allowed on a case by case basis and dependent on site amenities. Temporary tenting is allowed up to one week on the CAMPERs Designated Site.

    3. CAMPERS are responsible for the registration, behavior and conduct of their guests at all times, and must ensure their guests read and comply with all park rules and regulations. CAMPERS must be present when guests are at the Designated Site and while boating.

    4. CAMPERS may not have more than four adult guests at the Designated Site at one time without prior notice to and approval from CLAYTON PARK.

    5. ​GUEST VEHICLE PERMITS: CAMPERS must ensure all guests to the Designated Site openly display a current parking permit. See your access agreement for selection of guest options.

  24. GARBAGE, RECYCLING, & FIREPLACE ASHES: CAMPERS are required to recycle aluminum cans, glass, plastics and newspapers and a compost bin is located near the community garden. Recycling receptacles are clearly marked throughout the park.  CAMPERS may  store up to one lidded can of aluminum or bottles and may not accumulate these items in bags or other unapproved receptacles.

    1. CAMPERS may use the dumpster near the garage to deposit the equivalent of one 30 gallon bag of non-recyclable trash (light household garbage from Designated Site only) per week. Additional bags of non-recyclable garbage may be dropped at $5.00 per  bag. Cameras on premises will record dumpster violations. CAMPERS are strictly prohibited from burning garbage in their fireplace. Items such as plastics emit toxins when burned and must be recycled.

    2. CAMPERS must provide a lidded garbage can in order to deter nuisance wildlife such as bears, raccoons and crows. All garbage must be kept bagged, tied, and in the lidded garbage can. Garbage cans must be weighted or tied down to prevent blowing away in the event of strong winds. Lids should be tied down/attached as well. Violations will result in cleanup fees and/or fines. We will not accept hazardous waste, old furniture, garbage from construction projects, building materials, painting projects, old awnings, coolers, etc.


    4. CAMPERS may remove their own ashes from park property, or bring them to the recycling/trash station near the garage for removal by CLAYTON PARK. CAMPERS are forbidden from dumping ashes in the woods or in the lake!

  25. ELECTRIC SERVICE: Meters will be read monthly in season and CAMPERS must pay for all meter charges they incur on a monthly  basis. CAMPERS without past due accounts may choose to delay payment of an electric bill until the amount reaches $10.00. CAMPERS must ensure their electric service is disconnected for the off-season period unless indicated otherwise in the access agreement. CAMPERS shall ensure there are no plants and/or shrubs around meters or water hook ups. CAMPERS are responsible for replacement of their meters when damaged by their vehicles or their guest vehicles.

  26. GRAY & BLACK WATER: CAMPERS are responsible for keeping their hoses and equipment in good working order, in order to prevent any discharge of gray or black water into the environment. CAMPERS must allow their holding tank to fill and use a black water holding tank treatment. ORDER FOR RELEASE OF TANKS - - - 1) release black water, and 2) release gray water. CAMPERS MUST NOT PUT ANYTHING OTHER THAN RV/MARINE TOILET TISSUE IN THEIR TANKS. Items such as wipes (even flushable wipes), pads, tampons, condoms, and cooking grease must be disposed of with household garbage.

  27. CLEANLINESS AND APPEARANCE: CLAYTON PARK wishes to provide all its CAMPERS and guests with an appeasing environment which promotes enjoyment and relaxation. Please help keep our park clean and do not litter. CAMPER must mow his/her lawn at the Designated Site and ensure grounds are kept neat and trim, free from debris and appeasing to CLAYTON PARK'S senses at all times. CLAYTON PARK will inspect regularly for violations and without notice mow unkempt lawns for which CLAYTON PARK will bill CAMPERS accordingly at $75.00 per mow. No CAMPER shall use their Designated Site for storage of refuse or what Clayton Park considers unsightly items. We encourage everyone to be a 5 star camper.

  28. TREES & SHRUBS: CAMPERS may not take part in any behavior which pierces the bark of a tree or shrub or otherwise exposes the  tree to increased risk of disease and/or insects. This includes nails, wires, hooks, chains or any foreign object piercing the bark of a tree. CAMPERs may not tie boats to trees. or shrub on or near a Designated Site. Breaks in bark can be protected by applying rubber undercoating found at any auto store. CAMPERS may not alter or remove any tree or shrub without express permission from CLAYTON PARK. Breaks in bark can be protected by applying rubber undercoating found at any auto store. CAMPERS may not alter or remove any tree or shrub without express permission from CLAYTON PARK.

  29. DECKS: CAMPERS shall make a written detailed request to construct a deck on their Designated Site and the deck shall not extend beyond the length of the RV or beyond a length of 35 feet or width of 8 feet. Decks may not have roofs unless pre-existing deck on site has roof. CAMPERS are prohibited from attaching a deck to their trailer and CAMPERS wishing to construct a deck beyond 30 inches in height must obtain a permit from Lake Township. CAMPERS are responsible for ensuring their deck/dock is built to PA code. CAMPERS are required to submit a request form in order for Clayton Park to approve any construction projects in writing.

    1. CAMPERS must maintain their decks and make regular inspections to ensure decks are in good form, checking for rotted wood, bowing, or other signs of structural degradation. FCAMPERS are prohibited from attaching carpeting to their decks as this prevents inspection of integrity of wood. Throw rugs are allowed.

  30. PICNIC TABLES: CLAYTON PARK provides one picnic table per site. Camper must provide paint/stain as needed. Removable elastic covers are allowed, but tacking, stapling, or nailing coverings to tables is prohibited. Tables with wooden legs must be kept off ground to prohibit rot.

  31. SHORELINE & RIPARIAN BUFFER: CAMPERS with lake frontage shall make a riparian buffer. Simply, do not cut the grass up to the water's edge, allowing a buffer to grow. CAMPER shall provide maintenance of shoreline and manual removal of swamp loosestrife weed or contract approved services to do so. CAMPERS may not plant anything in or near the water without CLAYTON PARK approval.

  32. PERSONAL PROPERTY: CAMPERS are reminded that any and all personal property brought to the designated site must be removed at CAMPER'S expense upon termination of agreement and departure from the designated site.

  33. DEPARTURE & ABANDONMENT: CAMPERS departing CLAYTON PARK property, whether under normal expiration of agreement, or termination of agreement by CLAYTON PARK, must immediately remove the RV and any personal property from the Designated Site and CLAYTON PARK property. If the RV remains on the Designated Site after departure, CLAYTON PARK has the right to remove the RV and any personal property from the Designated Site to a storage area of its choosing. Camper will be responsible for any  and all moving, storage and/or cleanup fees determined necessary by CLAYTON PARK, and neither CLAYTON PARK nor its management, officers, employees or volunteers will be held responsible for any loss or damages to CAMPER’s property. RV’s and personal property will be considered abandoned by CLAYTON PARK if storage fees are not paid in full within 60 days of termination of agreement.

  34. TERMINATION OF AGREEMENT: Termination of a CAMPER’s agreement is at CLAYTON PARK’s discretion.

  35. SOCIAL MEDIA/INTERNET TERMS OF USE: These terms of us apply to those who have elected to access and use our network, and/or interact with us on social media/new media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, etc.

    1. If you have elected to "Like" us on Facebook, or "follow us" on Twitter, etc., we are excited you made the decision to join us and we strongly encourage what we determine to be positive, useful, informative, and fun interaction through new media like Facebook. However, if Clayton Park management determines you use social media/new media such as the Facebook website to insult, demean or otherwise distribute what Clayton Park management determines to be inappropriate content about Clayton Park, Clayton Park property, it's owner/s, manager/s, staff, subrogate/s, volunteer/s, or fellow campers and/or guests, you are in direct violation of Clayton Park policy and subject to all actions or recourse determined necessary by Clayton Park.

    2. Users of our network agree they are age 18 and up, and have read and understood and agree to be bound by our terms of use. The network is provided “as is” without warranties of any kind; expressed or implied. The following uses of Clayton Park-provided Internet access are not permitted:

      1. to access, upload, download, or distribute what Clayton Park determines is hateful/harassing material, pornographic, obscene, sexually explicit material, or otherwise illegal material;

      2. to transmit obscene, abusive, sexually explicit, or threatening language;

      3. to violate any local, state, or federal statute, including but not limited to any form of fraud, or software, film or music piracy;

      4. to vandalize, damage, or disable the property of another individual or organization;

      5. to access another individual's materials, information, or files without express written permission from Clayton Park, or to distribute any malicious software on to our network; and,

      6. to violate copyright or otherwise use the intellectual property of another individual or organization without permission.

    3. Clayton Park makes no warranties of any kind, neither expressed nor implied, for the Internet access it is providing and will not be held responsible for any damages users suffer, including--but not limited to--loss of data resulting from delays or interruptions in service.

    4. Clayton Park will not be responsible for the accuracy, nature, or quality of information gathered through access provided. Clayton Park will not be responsible for personal property used to access Clayton Park computers or networks. Clayton Park will not be responsible for unauthorized financial obligations resulting from Clayton Park-provided access to the Internet.

    5. Any violation may result in loss of Clayton Park-provided access to the Internet and/or expulsion from our property without refund of monies paid. When and where applicable, users may be subject to lawsuits and penalties, and may be responsible for damages incurred, and law enforcement agencies may be involved.

  36. VIOLATIONS: We are happy to provide our CAMPERS and guests with a beautiful place to enjoy and relax. Our rules and regulations are set up for the safety and welfare of all our guests at our park and are not meant to interfere with your enjoyment of our park and/or services. All violations are taken seriously. At its choosing, CLAYTON PARK may first provide verbal warning of violations of rules and regulations or it will provide written notice of violations and impose fines. First violation resulting in a written notice will carry a

  37. $25.00 fine. Second written notice of violation will result in a $50.00 fine. Third written notice of violation will carry a $100.00 fine and result in immediate and permanent expulsion from park property and forfeiture of monies paid.

  38. CHANGES & ADDITIONAL GUIDANCE: In order to ensure the safety and welfare of our campers and guests, rules are subject to change without notice. All rules, bulletins, notices and updates are available in the camp store, or can be requested via email. Additional guidance and updates can be found in the CampersAPP for Clayton Park Recreational Area. Download the app and enter passcode: claytonpark

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